Fuerteventura, Spain


One week well spent on the beautiful island Fuerteventura – it was a much needed break for all of us laying on the crazy broad beaches this place is well-known for, doing nothing but reading, soaking up the sun and enjoying life. We all hadn’t had a proper holiday in a while, where we didn’t plan any activities before (but we still ended up driving around the whole island). We chose Fuerteventura because we’ve never been on a volcanic island with some of the most incredible white sand beaches. I also adored the idea being on an (lonely) island which seemed not to be en vogue at the moment.








Windy – the most appropriate word to describe this island (I guess all of the Canary Islands).




We decided to stay at an Airbnb apartment right by the ocean (love me some ocean view), well our accommodation was up on a hill so technically we had to drive everywhere (even for some hundred meters, slightly hilly, windy & the sun was burning af). Our apartment was located in Costa Calma in the southern part of the island. It wasn’t that easy to find a nice stay for four people traveling during the peak holiday season. Do yourself a favor and consider traveling in off season, you’ll find amazing Airbnbs, cheaper flights and no crowds, even tough it seemed like we were the only ones on the island – and I’d totally recommend renting a car to be able to get to the most beautiful beaches and amazing restaurants (& up the hill). But it definitely didn’t help our relaxation. 





One of my favorite parts of traveling is getting to try the local food – and I couldn’t wait for some delicious tapas, seafood, chorizo and goat’s cheese with sangria and tinto de verano. The first thing I always do is to ask the locals (we asked the service staff & the owners of the restaurants & google obv.) for some recommendations. We went twice to the restaurant Stil to have the most delicious and fresh fish there is (they only have the fish (as a whole) they harvest on the same day from the Atlantic Ocean – you gotta be fast) – we enjoyed some gilt head and sea bass on both nights. We also tried some pizza at the restaurant called L’Aperipizza Costa Calma because they use typical local ingredients for their toppings as well and let me tell you I had the best pizza of all times: sorry Italy. I got chorizo and goat’s cheese and it just blew my mind. For some delish tapas try the El bar de Marko which is a cute little restaurant outside of a mall (which isn’t the most beautiful place but who got eyes for that anyway – while eating tapas?). Oh and try their bread with the homemade garlic cream. You’re welcome!

DSC00727 Kopie





This day trip to Corralejo was one of the best activities of the vacation because I’ve always wanted to see a desert (still wanna go to Sahara tho), but there’s nothing more to say – it was incredible and we had fun shooting (I mean look at my mom – queen). 


DSC00627 DSC00625

The total lunar eclipse.


Food & Drinks:
Still restaurante (Fish)
El Bar de Marko (Tapas)
L’Aperipizza Costa Calm (Pizza)

Beaches & Trips:
Corralejo (desert)
Playa de la Barca (beach)
Playa de Corallejo (City beach)
Morro Jable (Old town)


Thank you for reading and congrats if you made it down here! I hope you enjoyed this post – can’t wait to share my next adventure with you. Feel free to ask anything or leave a comment down below.


Photographs taken with the Sony Alpha 6500 by N3FF



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