Friendship in your twenties

I’ve never been the person to get up and socialize in general – I was just happy with the close friends I’ve already had for years. As silly and naive as it may sound I always thought I’d have my closest friends for a lifetime and I didn’t have the urge to find new ones. I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy the company of people – I just didn’t feel like going out into this world with the only purpose of getting new friends. Well solid six years into my twenties, and I’m sure anyone who’s part of the twenty something club will agree with me when I say thank the universe a lot changes in your twenties.storiecollage
You suddenly realize that there’s so much more out there – so many amazing people who share common interests and have the same outlook on life. You don’t have to know people for years to have the same chemistry – it just clicks – and you’re blown away. I’m lucky to say that I felt this special chemistry with some incredible people over the past few years. There’s no judgment, no jealously, no drama – only love.


There’re so many different stages in your life when you’ll experience this chemistry with a few people and sometimes it’ll turn out to be one of the most special gifts from universe. As I write this, three of my closest friends – who I got lucky to meet when I was just a teen – live literally across the atlantic ocean. I think about them all the time, and I know whenever we see each other again it will always be the same – when you have a real connection with someone, distance won’t matter.


I mean this adult life, with all the responsibilities – it’s just the natural progression of life. Some friends move across country, some work 24/7, some get married and spend their time at home, some friends travel the globe, some are terrible at texting back and some develop new interests and you suddenly drift apart – don’t forget people and friendships are different and no one can offer you everything you need in life (and it’s totally fine). Some friendships change or even grow apart over time – sometimes you’ll find yourself in toxic relationships, which no longer feel positive anymore, then learn to let go! In the end it all comes just down to mutual respect, communication and taking the time to see each other – even if it’s only once a year. This can be one of the hardest adjustment about growing up – you realize who your real friends are and who will always be there for you no matter what. 


Another challenge in your twenties is to find the balance of making something of yourself and keep up with your social life – never forget: you’re definitely not alone, mostly everyone feels this way.


Friendship is one of the most valuable things in your twenties – general in life – and there’s nothing better than having positive people beside you to conquer life with and forget the troubles for a while. You’re incredibly lucky if you have a tight social circle you can trust and spend quality time with – but keep in mind there’re so many incredible souls out there who’ ll cross your path sometime in the future.

Just keep your eyes open.



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